massage in Crete

Massage in Crete

Massage is an ancient practice widespread throughout the world, in various forms and with plural targets

 Around the Mediterranean, the cradle of our civilization, all people practice or have practised, massage wellness: the Romans, the ancient Greeks, Arabs, Egyptians …

Often lavished in recreation areas: baths, steam baths , gyms they are designed to relax the body and mind and to reconcile the mental and the physical.

« Mens sana in corpore sano« : « a healthy mind in a healthy body » said Juvenal in the early second century AD, referring to the inseparability of our body envelope and mind. In this twenty-first century, firmly oriented towards the cultivation of the mind, where the performance premium on well-being, it is good, for a moment, to regain a foothold and reconnect with our entire being. The massage helps us.



I offer massages adapted to your state of mind and to your request: relaxing massages, invigorating massages, muscle recovery massages or specific massages to relieve localized pain. Sometimes associated with essential oils tailored to your state or your wish, massages are performed on table, to your hotel or villa only by appointment.

You will find details of the benefits and some tips on the follow pages.